If you do not have a couple it will be necessary to research a male (the breed club will be able to provide you the list of the breeders and recommended parents). You must to check that the male has its final pedigree if not the pups resulting from this union will not be able to have certificate of birth; obviously, your bitch also has its pedigree.

It is always preferable to draw up a contract specifying the obligations of the two parts and in particular the modes of payment of the mating. The practice want that the bitch moves at the male but it is obvious that other arrangements are always possible. After mating, you will have four weeks to fill and send to the S.C.C. a Certificate of mating which will be signed by the two owners. Recepted document, S.C.C. will open a file with attribution of a reference number and will send a bundle to you comprising two shutters.

The first is a birth notification which will have to be addressed two weeks after the welping. The second is a inscription request which will have to be addressed se as soon as the pups are tattooed. This document will be accompanied by the shutters " central data base " of the tattooing card given by the tattoer and of the title of payment of the registration fees.

This made, the recording with the L.O.F. is carried out; the certificates of starting of the pups will be addressed to you. They are provisional.