The most little dog of the world, the Chihuahua, have the name of an area of the North Mexico.

This name was given after the discovery by American archaeologists, in 1850, near the city to Casa Grandes, of a palate built by an Aztec emperor of the name of Montezuma.

The ones affirm that the chihuahua is the fruit of crossings between techichis and tapeitzcuintles (Mexican naked dogs), the others think that it has also ancestors xoloitzcuintles and peels.

What one knows with certainty, it is that Toltecs, wandering people of Central America, fixed approximately 11 000 years ago in Mexico, had little dumb dogs with the long hair (techichis).

One found representations of these animals resembling the current chihuahuas on many engraved stones.

As for the Mexican naked dog, it could be originating in China, having followed the wandering tribes which crossed the Bering Strait to be lived on all the American continent.

When at the 14th century Toltec people were attacked and beaten by the Aztec people, these little dogs became the pets of the aristocracy and were the object of a real veneration. The small people appreciated them also much but for culinary reasons....

The Spanish conquest stopped this period (finally, not for all!) for the tiny animal but it would seem that survivors of the massacres caused by the conquistadors of Fernando Cortès were cross with other canine representatives of similar size.

It is at the 19th century that one finds the trace of these dogs in Sierra Madre , in the area of Chihuahua. The Mexican peasants selled this dogs at the North-American visitors and, in 1884, the first chihuahua was exposed in U.S.

In 1904, American Kennel Club recognized it but the variety with short hair was privileged since 1923 to the detriment of long the hair type which remained in the shade during still about thirty years.

The chihuahua began its European conquest with the United Kingdom with a mitigated success and arrived to France at the middle of the Fifties, without more success during a score of years.

Since, the breeding intensifies, the long hair type regained ground on the short hair. It is not rare, nowadays, to see more long hair than of hair runs in the shows. The bet on the future is not to rarefy the chihuahua with short hair, which would be a pity really, the two varieties being also cracking!

Let us begin with a paradoxical assertion but nevertheless necessary because the public is always really not persuaded of that, misled by its small size and its slenderness ratio: the chihuahua is... a dog! And a dog must be educated like such...

Like the other dogs, it can become unpleasant if you do not educate it. It should not be regarded as your own baby because it can be capricious.

Very intelligent, it quickly understands what you await from him... but undestands your weaknesses of which it will be able to misuse. This dog is very attached to its Masters and of this fact somewhat reserved towards the foreigners.

So, you must socialize the puppie for it does not become an aggressive or jealous dog later.

If he likes comfort and heat, without problem you can leave and make meet it a maximum of people and dogs, if he is " single child ".

Nice with the cats, the harmony will reign at home!

One says it’s exclusive in its friendships, preferring the company of the other chihuahuas, which is not false, but that certainly also corresponds to the owners of chihuahuas which train " a band "! People having several different breeds are there to testify to the opposite (and I form part of it!).

It’s useless to want to minimize the problems, the chihuahua is not an animal to be put between all the hands. Its small size make of it a victim of predilection if you entrust it with a young child who is likely to hurt it or to drop it. What would appear sometimes fatal for the dog...

The chihuahua is intuitive which will be able to copy its behavior on that of its Master. Tender, sharp, player, mischievous, bold, its pallet of temperaments is large. It is small curious and one can teach many things, which explains certainly why one often see some in the circus. Of a great fidelity, it allures the women as well as the men. It is robust and resistant, although it is rather douillet, and can live under all the climates. Don’t should believed that it is weak, quite to the contrary! In a pack, even in the medium of large dogs, it will be often dominating them. It has the reputation to be good watchdog! Lastly, let us say, a good warning signal when something of unusual occurs.

Ideal pet, it has another quality: it passes incognito everywhere because it is very small and quiet.