Being the privileged host of your home, you want that your dog is clean and it is normal. In addition, you draw pride from its beauty! All that requires some attentions which will not become too constraining if they are regular. Moreover, a neat dog is an animal which live better and longer.


It is necessary to find a right measurement between too and not enough... Too much often would be equivalent to remove to it any protection against the sun or the cold because its hairs (when it has some!) are covered, for this purpose, of a natural grease. Let us say that a pup (as of the three months age) can be bathed more often than an adult (every week at the beginning and every month then). A dog with long hair could be more often washed. Accustomed very early and gradually, without particular brusqueness, your dog will support these meetings of washing patiently. Water will have to be tepid but will not have to cover that the lower part of the corps.
If it has chips, always start to make a collar of sparkling shampoo (the shampoos for human or the household soap are to be proscribed), so that the parasites do not take refuge on its head, then wash the other parts. You will finish by the head, by paying attention so that the product does not penetrate in its eyes and its ears.
The rinsing will be abundant, drying will be energetic except in summer when the washing can be done outside. There are also dry shampoos; they can be useful in certain situations, but they will never replace a good washing!
In fact, the washing is very often reduced to a shower... In this case, keep shower head not too far away from the animal so that it remains calm.



It is reduced to its simpler expression for the naked ones! For the others, it is an exercise to make at least two or three times per week. Brushing is done in the direction of the hairs and conversely. You will withdraw thus all the died hairs, dust, small dirtinesses. That will also avoid flocks of hair.



The animal will see its nails lengthening inordinately if it walk a little. You will have to then cut them after having made them soften in tepid water if necessary. To avoid cuting too short and making it bleed, better is to use a special nail-clippers.



To avoid an excess of cerumen, it is necessary to regularly clean the interior of the auditory canal by introducing there some drops of a special lotion. It is necessary to mass the base of the ear to make go up dirtinesses and use a cotton-stem. If you note traces of coagulated blood or a black deposit, a veterinary consultation is essential. Also, it is necessary to remove all the hairs which block the conduit by drawing them between the inch and the index. When it is pup, the Chinese Crested Dog needs sometimes assistance so that its ears are rectified. A tutor or a bonnet will be necessary. Your veterinary surgeon will teach you how to make.



The eruption of the grips of the pup is at the one month age and their levelling at three months. At four months, here the eruption of the final grips and the month following the eruption of the final corners. At seven months, the dog has " the mouth made " with its forty two final teeth. It is necessary to know the characteristic of the Naked ones which does not have complete teeth, contrary to the Powderpuff. To fight the appearance of the tartar, the dry food is quite useful. You can also give him pieces of dry bread and not hesitate to withdraw the tartar with your nail, while starting at the base of gencive. Exists now in the trade all that it is necessary to brush to it the teeth. Despite everything, the small dogs have more than others need for a meeting of descaling practised under anaesthesia by the veterinary surgeon.



If your dog has the red eyes and tears, check that a foreign element did not slip under its eyelids and wash to it the eyes with a boric acid solution. If you do not note any improvement in the following days, a veterinary surgeon will have to be consulted because there is perhaps a risk of conjunctivitis; if you note the presence of pus, that can be much more serious. It is also necessary to withdraw secretions which are at the internal angle of the eyes.



Located each side of the anus and somewhat below, they are emptied automatically. But it may be that they end up being blocked, in which case they will take volume. The dog will react to this embarrassment rubbing itself by ground and leaving behind it a brown trace. That will empty them. But generally, that will not be enough. With each veterinary surgeon visit, the expert will check anal glands and if need be, will empty them. You can also do it placing your inch and your index on each side of the anus by including anal glands. You will strongly press while drawing slightly. Obviously, you will have taken the precaution to use an absorbing paper sheet...



One meets primarily chips and ticks. If the chips are not really dangerous, it’s different for the ticks. It is necessary to check the body of the animal any day, especially in summer, and to deaden the ticks with ether before extirpating them. The body does not have to be detached from the heat.
Many insecticides, in the form of collars, powders, sprays, pipettes and others are on the market, all providing a certain protection, but the wonder product, alas... Personally, I use FrontLine which seems for the moment more efficace.
As for the tinea, it is caused by microscopic mushrooms. The depilated zones are round and tend to extend. A veterinary surgeon consultation is essential without delaying. More especially as the tinea is contagious for the human.
The worms, mainly the ascaris, the trichuris and the tapeworms, are dangerous and can cause the death of the animal nonneat. BR> The females at the beginning of gestation must to have a vermifuge automatically. The pups reaching two months will be to it once per month until the one year age. The adults, twice the year (in spring and in autumn) and more if one notes worms in the saddles.



Certain signs will warn you that it is not very well: change in its practices, misses appetite, refusal of walk, apathy, insulation, dry and rough truffle...



There are small gestures which save... In the event of urgency, call a veterinary surgeon immediately and describe to him how is the animal. Do not panic. While waiting for its arrival, occupy you of your dog.

  • MEMO
  • to tackle the cause of the evil

  • to release the tracts respiratory

  • to treat the failure heart

  • to stop the haemorrhage

  • to disinfect and protect the wounds

  • to keep the animal with the heat

  • to avoid bad handling

  • to treat the shock

We present hereafter situations to you for which it is necessary to know to react, and quickly.

Symptoms : vomiting, important salivation, suffocation, sometimes cough.
Treatment : to withdraw the poison which is close to the animal; to make to drink abundantly; in the event of acid, of alkali or derivatives of oil, to try not to make it to vomit, make it to drink milk or vegetable oil; if the product is not corrosive (strychnin), to give it the specific antidote indicated on the product, to make it to drink water, milk or activated carbon; to practise the artificial respiration if necessary.

Symptoms : suffocation, high temperature, important salivation, risk of coma.
Treatment : to put the dog at the shade; to sprinkle cold water; to practise the artificial respiration if necessary; to make to drink to it water or very strong coffee mouthfuls.

Symptoms : in the mouth, abundant salivation, the dog scrapes it and rubs its jaws; in the oesophagus, dribbles, attempt at vomiting (kind of foam); in the stomach and the intestine, the dog seeks the contact of a cold surface, vomiting, abdominal pain when pressure of the hand; on the level of the rectum, sometimes blood in the saddles.
Treatment : to quickly withdraw the foreign body which is in the mouth; if the foreign body is in the stomach, to make to eat to it cotton soaked in milk, bread or leeks; to check in the saddles elimination following days; to make swallow to it mineral oil or of kitchen.

Symptoms: fractures, coma, state of shock, haemorrhages .
Treatment : not to move the animal unnecessarily; to lengthen on a board or a cover; to practise the artificial respiration if necessary .

Symptoms : manifestation de douleur
Treatment : to delicately remove the dart by pressing the congested part and by withdrawing it with tweezers; application of vinegar (bee) or bicarbonate of soda (wasp); to supervise, abnormal swelling and difficulties respiratory .

Symptoms: especially on the level of the plantar bearings, the scrotum, the ears, the end of the tail .
Treatment : to heat the cold part; application of an antibiotic cream; bandages to prevent that the dog does not scrape itself ; if the dog is completely cold, to immerse it in a hot bath and to make it drink milk hot .

Symptoms : vomiting, anguishes
Treatment : to envisage antivomitifs and calming; to leave at disposal of water; to often stop and to leave it; never not to leave locked up in a parked car.

Symptoms : coldness of the skin and the ends, fast pulse (130 p/mn) and weak, dilated pupil, increase in the rate of respiration (40 p/mn), eyes fixed, pale mucous membranes .
Treatment : to place the animal on a tilted level (head in bottom); to mass the heart; to raise its temperature; to practise the artificial respiration if necessary; if it is conscious, to make it absorb a half spoonful with salt coffee and a half spoonful of bicarbonate of soda in one liter of water .



The false pregnancy can appear one to two months after heats and can last two months. It is due to a psychic and physical disorder called pseudo-gestation accompanied by hormonal and physical modifications identical to those observed in the event of pregnancy .
In order to avoid complications such as mammites and pathologies of the genital apparatus, it is necessary as soon as possible to intervene. The false pregnancy really appears when there is deterioration of the behavior, very similar to the state of the bitch approaching the term. One can then observe an increase in weight and abdominal circumference, a production of prolactin and udders inflated. Once the diagnosis posed by the veterinary surgeon, the administration of a drug per oral way will come to stop this phenomenon within four to six days.
At this time there the bitch will calm down, lacteous secretion and mammaire volume will disappear.