The shows are beauty contests for which the goal is to reward the best subjects (compared to the standard). They are obligatorily presented by their owner or a designated person by him.

There is very strict rules to observe, if not you can be excluded from the shows, temporarily or definitively. This sanction can be marked against the exhibitors who would have made themselves guilty of facts against the honor; those which would have made a misrepresentation; those which would have subjected to their animal an operation of which the goal was to mislead on the quality of it; those which would have harmed by their language, their writings, or their acts with the success of a show; those which would have undermined the prestige of the judges and the organizing company; those which would have introduced a not registered dog or replaced a engaged dog by another and finally those which would leave the show before the fixed hour.

The veterinary surgeon can to refuse the entry of a dog if it appears sick or with a skin disease, blind, monorchide, cryptorchide, with malformations, or dangerous; bitches in season, full, in a state of lactation or accompanied by their pups. The animals are placed in the cages of the show which they can leave to only go in the ring and to be judged. The exhibitor, if he is a breeder, can install a billboard on the cage. The judges decision cannot be disputed. They officiate voluntarily under their only responsibility, generally assisted by a secretary, and sometimes, but more rarely of an assessor.

Here the judgements which could be pronounced by the judge: "Excellent - Très bon - Bon - Assez Bon - Insuffisant"

Caution! Show fever can quickly take to you... In this case, you will have to be familiarized with a specific terminology. At the beginning, you’re lost but listen anywhere and you will learn much because accustomed people like to give many councils and d’informations. Moreover, the breed club or the breeder who will have sold your dog to you will be able to answer all your questions.

Some shows proceed over two days. According to the group to which your dog belongs, it will be necessary for you to go either saturday or sunday. And if you have several engaged dogs, and of different groups, it could be, if you are not lucky, that you are blocked the two days! You chose the show according to a certain number of criteria: the distance to be traversed, the date, which you seek to obtain, and so on. If you are initial (and also your dog !), better is to start with a close at home small show, especially if you are not very sure qualities and attitude of your doggie in this universe that it will discover for the first time. You do not risk anything, you and your dog will start to familiarize you with the show environment! You can engaged it at the same time for contest and confirmation: perhaps your dog will obtain a first reward and it will in addition have been confirmed by a judge, two independent events.

Day before You gather various documents which you will need for the following day (your ticket that the organizing company will have addressed to you some time after having received your request and the expenses of inscription (on average 35 Euros); the tattooing card, the anti-rabic certificate, the birth certificate and the examination of confirmation form of your dog). Obviously, you go to prepare your animal so that it is most beautiful!

Show Day According to the distance, your alarm clock will sound more or less early (but often well too early with your taste!), except if you slept at hotel. Finally you start with the diffuse anguish to have badly calculated your schedule and fear to arrive late. Fortunately, when you arrive in this unknown city, the course is arrow.

Lastly, you park your car. You make like the others, you let your dog to do what nature requires. Don’t forget the collapsible seat, the cover or the cushion of your future champion, and perhaps your lunch. Now you can face. At the reception, you will present your inscription papers before receiving the show catalogue and, possibly, a small gift of the organizing company.

You are impressed ? It is normal, reassure you, you are numerous in this case. Serious things really start. No panic! Seek initially the place which was allotted to you. In each alley, sometimes large panels indicate the breeds. When you found yours, done a pause. There, the catalogue which was given to you at the entry is capital. Go directly in the last pages and seek your name in the alphabetical list of the exhibitors. At side, a number appears. Normally, you must find it on one of the cages close to you. Finally your dog found its residence! Install it and leave it a quiet moment, it needs some after what is for him also an emotion. Take the paperboard carrying your number: a part remains wedged between the bars of the cage, the other part must be pinned on you (did you think of bringing a pin? If not, there will be always a stand to sell one to you).

But it is possible whether it is a show without cage, in that case better is worth that you have yours, otherwise your dog will stay on your knees all day long. Numbers are not necessarily on cages, sometimes one gives them to you in the reception, sometimes it is necessary to go on the ring so that the secretary delivers them to you.

Are you ready? Have you a little time before the beginning of the judgements? Well, you will rest after a last formality: you should find the ring where is the judge. According to shows, it’s easy because you are in front of, but not always. Perhaps, this ring will be provided with a display panel pointing out the breeds which will be judged there, in which order and at what time. You can now return in front of your dog cage. And very naturally, you will reopen the catalogue to see how much competitors your dog will have in its class. Obviously, if there are many competitors, the contest will be difficult. But the rewards will have more value! Crowd is increasingly important ; one circulates in all the directions, you see passing all kinds of dogs and Masters in the search of their site. Some exhibitors know each other already and greet themselves, give each other news.

The great moment arrives...Already you were around the ring with your dog not to miss the call of the competitors of each class. I am sure that you observed the preceding judgements by hoping that you will make as well. But do not fear anything, there it does not have only “professionals”. Relativize! You enter on the ring and you line up in the order. Each competitor will pass individually in front of the judge. You will deposit your dog in front of him, on the table, generally on a small carpet so that the animal does not slip. The judge will dictate his appreciations to his secretary. You are authorized with speaking only if the judge asks you a question.
This one remains Master of its judgement according to the standard of the breed and does not have to know the past of the dog, its origins and all that you would have desire of him for saying which could influence it. It may be that you do not like certain remarks: it is normal, it is your dog and in fact, it is most beautiful! But leave emotional side and remain calm and courteous no matter what it arrives. The judge will then ask you to make go your dog. It is certainly the most painful moment for the beginner Master ! But say you that it is the dog which is judged, not you! Nobody looks at you! Be rather attentive with your dog which must feel you in confidence. At the end of the individual judgements, the judge will want to see them going all together.
It is at this precise time that the judge will make his classification between the competitors of equal quality. Will your dog obtain the " Excellent " qualifier? Will it be classified the first? I to you wish it but if it is not the case, your disappointment will be of course comprehensible. You will do better the next time ! It is finished! You feel in spite of very relieved. You return to your site.

Many visitors will stop and questions will pose to you, often the same ones, but you are there to answer them. Then, be patient, understanding, pleasant, smiling because you want to better make known the breed which you like. Meanwhile, you will do better knowledge with the exhibitors who surround you. But I prefer to remain discrete on what you will hear if not, it would not have more surprises! You will pack yourselves at the bottom of your seat as the hours pass, tired legs to have trampled so much, and envies it will take to you that this day finishes finally, knowing that you have still a long road to make to return at home, and often well late!

The dogs are judged by sex and variety in various classes:

CLASSE OUVERTE (OPEN CLASS): For dogs having 15 months minimum in the day of the opening of the show. This class gives straight ahead to the allocation of the CACS and the CACIB in competition with the classes Intermediary and Champion (only for the CACIB).

CLASSE CHAMPION (CHAMPION OF BEAUTY CLASS): For the dogs as from 15 months, declared National Champions of the Member States of the F.C.I. or International Champions of the F.C.I. This class gives straight ahead to the allocation of the CACIB in competition with the classes Intermediary and Open.

CLASSE JEUNE (YOUNG CLASS): For all the old dogs from 9 to 18 months in the day of the opening of the show. This class does not give straight ahead to the allocation of the CACS and the CACIB.

CLASSE INTERMEDIAIRE (INTERMEDIARY CLASS): For the old dogs from 15 to 24 months. This class gives straight ahead to the allocation of the CACS and the CACIB in competition with the Open class and the Champion class (for the CACIB).

CLASSE PUPPY (PUPPY CLASS): For the dogs between 6 and 9 months. The judge will give only an appreciation: Très Prometteur ("Very Promising"), Prometteur ("Promising"), or Assez Prometteur (" Rather promising").

CLASSE VETERAN (VETERAN CLASS): For the dogs of more than 8 years. This class does not give straight ahead to the allocation of the CACS.

CLASSE BABY(BABY CLASS): Between 3 and 6 monthes. This class does not give straight ahead to the allocation of the CACS. Class not mandatory.