The confirmation is a French characteristic. With its birth, the pup do not obtains a final pedigree but an certificate of birth attesting its origins.
When your dog reaches its twelve months (but there is not a limit), it will be time to make it confirm so that he obtains its final pedigree. The confirmation is practised during a show (during the meeting of simple confirmation or contest).
The day of the confirmation, you will have to present to the judge the certificate of birth of the dog, its identification card and the form of examination of confirmation already filled. If your dog is judged confirmable, the judge will indicate it on the certificate of birth and the form of request for examination of confirmation.
These documents will have to be addressed to the S.C.C. accompanied by the registration fees final to the L.O.F. You will then receive the final pedigree of your animal within two months. Concretely, that will want to say that the dog is recognized like reproducer able to transmit qualities specific of its breed to its descendants.