To make the decision to acquire a dog is an act which must be considered because it will condition about fifteen years, for you and your family. It will bring to you certainly much of satisfactions and love but also certain constraints which one should not neglect before the purchase.
You chose the breed? These pages had to help you. Now, a male or a female? All depends... If you do not have other dogs, to tell the truth this is not important because there is not a difference in character between the two sexes. If there is a first dog at home, you will be perhaps tempted to form a couple. Why not? But there will be precautions to take during the heats of the bitch. If not, your home will be invaded soon by puppies!
Another solution is to choose a contraception, but if it is not final (sterilization or castration), it is risky to make it practise on a female throughout its life.
If your goal is not the reproduction, best is certainly to have only males or females. As for the so-called problem of the males which would urinate everywhere in the house, it is a legend because educated dogs with cleanliness do not have any reason to relieve themselves inside. If there is no female at home, it is an additional reason to reassure you!

Still two small arguments, but which have their importance: if you want to make shows with your dog, the male will be always available, the female could not be presented to certain dates; as for the purchase prices, the female is generally more expensive than the male! It is sold in France at least 600 000 dogs per annum. Between 40 and 50 % of them are sold apart from the legal trade-circuit. The parallel market would thus gain at least 960 million francs per annum.


They are the professional breeders who sell to the private individuals or to the retailers; and of the retailers who thus buy to the breeders the pups to resell them in their stores.


There are those which one could call the " false breeders ", having few females and often one male with regular papers. They buy pups abroad and pass them in fraud to France. These pups are then declared downward of the couples had and sold generally without the tax department being informed. And then there are the traffickers. These pass in fraud the pups often bought on the markets of Belgium and Holland, and more recently in the Eastern European countries, and resell them in France without any declaration.


Fairs and dogs markets develop more and more. It is a new form of sale, gathering breeders and private individuals.
The breeders profit from it for better making known their breeds, while requesting reservations on the future births.
If they propose sometimes very good quality puppies, most of the time they are less typified pups, at better price, or having some defect. Clearly announced, the transaction will have only advantages: for the breeder, the purchaser and the animal which will become a nice pet, whose Masters will be very proud, but which will certainly not have a pedigree.
But, all are not so honest and the unhappy purchaser will discover a few months later than its superb future champion is only a charming dog, sometimes very far away from the standard of its breed. All that one can wish it, it is to be accepted and liked for what it is... As for the private individuals, mistrust also... These occasional salesmen can prove to be in fact of the retailers who “cheat” with impunity, or the false amateurs who try to sell pups without papers, and so on. In fact, there are the best and the worst.
The stores of animals are not always held by decent people. However, the worst public image of these tradesmen does not prevent these stores from multiplying everywhere in France, even in the form of hypermarkets. Alas, the owners of kennels are not always friends of the animals...
Their only objective is to run out quickly, and expensive, their " goods ".
Surest is the breeder . Thus, one is likely more to buy a pup having had rich human contacts.


Better is worth to take the maximum of precautions before buying a pup in a breeding because, it is not a secrecy for anybody, there is the honest breeder and also the others.
When you decide for a breeding and that puppies will be presented to you, the sharpest pup will be certainly the more player, with the best socialization.
It must have the brilliant eyes, its skin must be elastic, dry and tepid, its muscular body, its tepid truffle... In the contrary case, if you have a quite pity, you can engage with many problems.
The bad habits being caught in the first months, a serious breeder will have inculcated the first principles of education in his pups, the work will thus be facilitated to you if you choose a four month old animal and more, of course if the living conditions which it had in the breeding are compatible with those which you will offer to him. If not, take a pup of two or three months, but not more young.
The breeder must give you some documents, in major part obligatory. You do not engage without to have checked that the sale will be completely legal: the tattooing card, the notebook of vaccinations, the certificate of sale, the certificate of birth.