You have two choices: to make confidence entirely with the products which are proposed to you on the market or to prepare yourself its meals. In both cases, its food will have to be balanced perfectly, adapted well to its age and its health.
Do not change its food, that would disturb it.
Sugar should not be given it. It does not need any. That would harm its health. To reward it, you can give it small meat and cereals delicacies which you buys in the shops.
To make a dog with a good education that you can take along everywhere, it should not be accustomed to claim to eat while people lunch. One was accustomed to advising to make it await the end of the lunch patiently before eating itself; it is an opinion but I does not to you advise it. Of course, the purpose of this option is to render comprehensible with the dog its place in the hierarchy. Personally, my dogs eat before me. I did not notice that my dogs showed themselves particularly “difficult” then. They know that their turn passed and do not try to impose itself at the time of the meal of the human ones.
If you choose the petfood, i.e. the industrial food, from the very start of weaning and that until the twelfth month, it is preferable to nourish your pup with food adapted to this period of growth which are proposed to you in the specialized rays and at the veterinary surgeons. It is not at all obvious that the food sold by the veterinary surgeons is better than others (I do not speak about food especially designed for certain types of diseases), the only certainty is that they are more expensive!
You must to conform to the quantities indicated by the manufacturer to prepare its ration. No complement will be necessary, the dry food are now of very good quality for little which you carry your choice on a premium that you will not find in supermarket. The majority of the breeders will have indicated to you the product that they use.
Do not forget that the dehydrated food requires of drinking much. You can also to prepare to it one of the meals of the day. The dry food gives whole satisfaction at the majority of the breeders and, moreover, facilitates life!
If you prefer to prepare to it its meals, attentively read following information which will be necessary for you. The food which you will give to your dog divides into four groups:

It is disadvised giving meat believed in your dog; in addition, the meals must be been useful tepid. Some foods are to be proscribed:

I will not extend on the subject for, you will have understood it, I do not recommend the food domestic who is often the cause of problems of growth and other misadventures...

The principal source of food of the pup remains until the two months age the milk of its mother but some recommend as from the 22nd day to present a cup of milk to it in supplement and until six weeks, milk or water and bread pulps with sometimes a little chopped meat. If the mother is not exhausted too much, it is always preferable to wait the second month to begin the sevrage.

A number of daily meals:
between 2 and 4 months: 3 to 4
between 4 and 6 months: 2
as from 6 months: 1