The founders of the “Société Centrale Canine” (S.C.C.) were concerned to equip it with the two basic tools which require the startup and the regular control of any policy of animal selection: the organization of shows and a stud book. The first dog which was registered on this book was a “Griffon Français” named Marco, March 11, 1885. The Book of the French Origins called more commonly by its initials (L.O.F.) is a register in which the pedigree dogs are registered. It is thus possible to know the origins of an animal, to find its ascendings and downwards. It authorizes the follow-up of the various indexed lines and their comparison thanks to the systematic recording of the official rewards obtained by each animal (that it is in show for its conformity to the standard of its breed or of use for its qualities of work). Each year, 150 000 births are recorded there, 50 000 confirmations allow the delivery of pedigrees.
The inscription of the dogs with the L.O.F. can be carried out according to four different methods:

A) With the title of the descent when it is about a pup resulting parents themselves already registered definitively. The animal receives a Certificate of Birth which testifies to its provisional inscription. The final inscription is attested by the delivery of the pedigree when the animal was considered to be suited during the examination of confirmation.

B) With initial title , when the book is " open ". This inscription relates to the adult dogs of very great quality in the breed and able to improve it, but resulting unknown parents or not declared with the birth, or declared and not registered, the formalities not having been filled. These dogs without known ascent are definitively registered with the L.O.F. with delivery of the pedigree without indication of genealogy. For that, it is necessary to make tattoo the animal, get at the S.C.C. the printed paper form of " Declaration for the recording with the L.O.F. on a purely initial basis ", to present this duly supplemented document and the animal to a judge for the examination during a show or meeting of confirmation and to transmit this request to the club of breed (which often set up a certain number of criteria). As of reception of the opinion of the club, it is necessary to transmit the file to the S.C.C. in a grouped sending including the request for inscription, the payment following the tariff in force, the photocopy of identification card. You will receive the pedigree of your dog within two months.

C) When the book is “closed ", it should be waited until three successive generations are recorded with the Waiting Book , after confirmation and opinion of the association of breed. When the population of a breed is not very many, the association of breed has any interest so that the number of reproducers in service progresses. The book will thus remain open, in addition to with the title of the descent, of course, but also with the inscriptions on a purely initial basis. In the contrary case, i.e. when the population of a breed is very important and that one can estimate that a majority of good subjects is already registered with the L.O.F., one will declare the book closed, except of course with the title of the descent. But in order to preserve the essential maintenance of the genetic polymorphism of a breed, the book is not strictly closed. Thus there is a Waiting Book to register there the first dog without known origins presented in confirmation, then its descendants of the second and third generations. The subjects resulting from the fourth generation will be able to claim, if they are considered to be suited to the confirmation, being registered directly with the L.O.F. with mention of their genealogy. This procedure is not many used, we will thus not develop it.

D) With the title of the importation when they are dogs registered with a foreign herd book recognized by the S.C.C. and found suited by an expert confirmator.